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Anyone notice something like this? (IBS and dental medications)

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Recently I had some dental work
done. As a pain reliever, I was given a prescription for a few pills of vicodin (hydrocodone). Well, the pain
from the dental work, really wasn't that bad, and I probably could have got by OK without the prescription. The interesting find was that my digestion was reasonably calm
when I took the pills and returned to the old IBS ways
after the effect of the pills ended. I'm seeing my GI
soon and am wondering if this info has some value ... or is it just another fact/symptom that goes in one ear and out the other?
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Martin,it's the codeine in this painkiller that made your digestion calmer.It slows everything down and actually can be very constipating.However,sometimes codeine phosphate is prescribed for diarrhea,but usually only in the short term as it can be addictive.Bobbie
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