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Anyone on both BuSpar and Bentyl?

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I was put on both thtese meds yesterday.My panic and anxiety is just too out of control and I want a life back.This has been going on for a long time.So far I feel tired and light headed.I know it takes awhile to adjust to the meds and I have started out with a low dose of the BuSpar which increases in a week.I am really hoping this is gonna help.I am also going to try and seek some kind of cognitive behavior therapy to try and retrain my way of thinking if possible as it seems like I'm stuck in a rutt I can't get out of.Half of my worries make no sense.Thanks for all replies! Heather
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I take Buspar for the IBS. The lightheadedness didn't bother me too much. And when things were bad I took bother Buspar and Levbid (a different antispasmodic from Bentyl) and the combo helped me be functional.I did gut-directed CBT for my IBS and it made a big difference for me.K.------------------I have no financial, academic, or any other stake in any commercial product mentioned by me.My story and what worked for me in greatly easing my IBS:
I do Bentyl and Zoloft. It has been GREAT!
Thanks for the replies.It gives me some hope! Heather
hmoots, I am on buspar and serzone, relatively small doses of each; not for IBS, but for panic attack-like sensations and depression. Both may be helping my IBS however, since I noticed a considerable improvement in frequency and quality of BMs lately. I don't have the panic attacks and the depression is almost all gone, too. Good luck.------------------
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