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Anyone out there trying the Specific Carbohydrate Diet???

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Hi,I tried this diet (SCD) for two weeks and it helped a little bit, but I was hungry all the time. I ate lots of protein and fats and yet still had cravings for carbs. I eventually gave in to the cravings. I'm wondering if anyone out there has tried this diet longterm (months)???Keith
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Would you mind listing what those "specific" carbs are Keith? Thanks. I know my low sugar diet has helped me a great deal. ------------------
Hi Keith,I have used the SCD diet, it did help some but I did not have the will power to give up all, I ate the fruit. Giving up the sugar and starches did help tho. I also used honey which they allow after awhile, honey does not help the yeast problem. The thing abut these diets is they are not that easy to stay on. I have been on antibiotics all my life for sinus and ear infections. Up until a couple of years ago that is. I decided only if a matter of life and death.....would I use those moldie, The Scd diet elminates all starches, even potatoes, fruits, and all sweetners accept honey after you been on it and your condition improves..... It also allows home made yogurt. They say if you make it right, it takes all the lactose out. I used it made from 1/2& 1/2 as needed the weight on..... I was tested OK for dairy when I had my allergy test done....I was also tested OK for wheat which I find now I do better without.
It is really so hard to know what helps and what harms.....Yesterday we took my son out for his BD I just could not resist the fudge brownies. Had been so long that I had forgotten what chocolate tasted like. Oh yes I somehow found myself with ice cream (just a little) in front of me. It sure was good for the moment. Woke up this AM with a migraine and now I feel am bloated....... I really do better when I eat at home. I don't buy those tempting things. Anyway here is a website for the SCD diet for those who want to check it out.------------------ Don't make ME come down there!!. GOD[This message has been edited by Joyce (edited 09-22-1999).]
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hi keith,i have been on the diet since may 1999. during august i went off the diet but since the beginning of september i went back on it. i found the diet really worked well for me. yes it is difficult to stay on the diet in the beginning but after a couple of weeks it seemed normal to me. i have ibs d and it stopped the d within the first couple of days. when i went off the diet the d returned with avengence! maybe i have a problem with wheat. i am currently being tested for celiac disease
Thanks Joyce. I eat potatoes occas. and limit my fruits to 2 fresh a day, and seem to do okay with that. A couple of days ago I ate a dish of Edy's No Sugar Added, LoFat Icecream with some lightly sugared strawberries on top and had no problem. I'm on the Diflucan yet, and have been fairly good on sticking to my low sugar diet lately though.------------------
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