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Anyone suffering from cold sweats?

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If anyone out there is suffering from cold sweats please tell me I am not crazy. I suffer from IBS and I don't know why I started having these all of the sudden. Anyway, please get back to me.Thanks,Kristi
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Kristi....IBS has a whole host of symptoms, ranging from the obvious one, to the not so obvious ones. I have run to the doctor thinking I was having a heart attack before. I have had cold sweats, that were relived by a trip to the bathroom, leaving me slightly weak in the knees. You are not crazy, your body is just doing some crazy things.
Hi Kristi! Just wondering if you're taking any meds and what they are?? I had the cold sweat experience with Elavil and boy, they were doozies! Didn't happen when I first started it, but after a couple months, it kicked in.. Might not hurt to evaluate what meds you're on. Just a suggestion. Hope they go away and you feel better!
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I get cold sweats when the pain is especially bad. My consulting nurse said that the irritation/pain in the bowels is activating (for want of a better word)the vagus nerve, causing hot/cold sweats and dizziness and everything going black. She said it was due to a drop in blood pressure. She could be full of it, but it is as good an answer as any.She told me this as I was sitting on the toilet one night in a cold sweat.Ciao.
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