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Strangely I am quite unreactive to meds. Your central nervous system must be very highly strung right now. The only thing I can suggest with the fibre is to take it real slowly when you first start taking it. Even half a dose for two weeks then one dose etc. If you react badly to the upped dosage back it off again until you are stable and try again.Has your GI suggested serotonin affective drugs with you? These could calm down the overreaction of the CNS. Your system seems so out of balance with your numerous problems that it may take a lot of work finding a combination of drugs to get you back to a state of stability. Hypothyroidism also affects bowel motility as you undoubtedly know.If you have not tried hypnotherapy I highly suggest this. It is really helpful to decrease stress and anxiety which can have a major impact on the symptoms. Hope any of that helped!
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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