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Anyone tried Aloe Vera or Chinese Herbal Medicine?

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Hi, I'm new to the bulletin board and fairly new to IBS (I was diagnosed 8 months ago).I'm just trying to find out a bit more about some of the "cures" I've read about. Has anyone tried Aloe Vera or Chinese Herbal medicine?I've see a couple of people posting to say that they haven't found either cure helpful - has anyone had a positive experience or should I give both these a miss?Thanks in advance,Clare
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HiI have ulcerative colitis which gives me pain, gas,cramps,bloating, etc!I use aloe vera as an anti-inflammatory. It's also meant to regulate the bowels but some people say it gives them D. I've not had a problem with it. You could try it, it's inexpensive compared to chinese herbs. I use the juice from Holland & Barrett.Now, as for chinese herbal meds. YES, I know of people who've had great sucess with these. You need to find a good practitioner & it ususally works in conjunction with acupuncture. MY own experience wasn't good. I took the herbs for 2 weeks (maybe not long enough) & felt really bad. It did my UC flare no good at-all. I stopped taking them because the acupuncturist was SO vague about what was in the herbs. She gave me about 3 ingredients, I asked 3 times & I just got "a little bit of licorish, some ginger...there are loads of herbs you can use for this condition".I find mint tea good for gas/bloating & also deep breathing. If you breathe into a painful area & then out again it really can help.Also, yoga has been great for relaxation. I invested in a video & feel it's been very useful
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