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Hi guys,

Sorry if you've already seen my other post to this effect; I'm just desperate for some help and don't know where else to try.

I was diagnosed with methane-predominant SIBO (very high, baseline was 50+). I think I've had it for more than 10 years and am willing to try almost anything at this point.

I was prescribed Neomycin, 4gm daily for 10 days. After checking the potential side effects, I'm not sure I want to take it.

Has anyone else had a good result from Neomycin? What dose did you take? 4gm a day sounds very high to me -- it looks like Dr. Pimental used 1gm in his SIBO studies. As the risk of hearing and kidney problems increases with a bigger dose, I'd like to take the minimum that can be effective.

Any suggestions are appreciated! Thanks!
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