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Anyone tried Prucalopride?

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Apologies if this has been raised already but I am wondering if anyone has tried Prucalopride a relatively new drug for constipation? I note it had successful trials. Also does anyone know how it works, is it a stimulant drug which I don't like, and can it be taken long term?
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yes that would be great to hear from someone who has tried prucalopride.prucalopride acts on serotonin receptors.this info on prucalopride is from the movetis website:In contrast to laxatives, prucalopride triggers a physiological and peristaltic reflex in the colon through stimulation of the 5HT4-receptors on the intramural nerves. This accelerates overall transit along the GI tract, induces colonic mass movement and significantly enhances colonic emptying. Prucalopride stimulates bowel function by specifically targeting the underlying impaired motility. that link isn't clickable (it's awfully long) just go to the movetis website and look under "press releases" for more info on prucalopride.
finally found this link--summary of product characteristics for prucalopride. very detailed.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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