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Anyone using narcotics for pain?

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I have the pain-dominant type of IBS. My intestines hurt me about 75% of every single month, have for about three years now. My third GI doc sent me to see a pain management specialist (what a joke HE was!) and he very reluctantly put me on Vicodin ES. None of the anti-spasmodics have worked on me because I don't have diarrhea. I am on Lexapro for the depression and am trying increasing dosages of Elavil for pain (it's not working yet).Well, I have a script for 90 Vicodin per month. It sounds like a lot but it's only three a day. It is the ONLY thing that will take a bite out of the pain and let me get on with life. Naturally, the pain doc does NOT want me on it at all and I know the day is coming when they won't let me have a script anymore. I do NOT take the Vicodin unless I feel pain. Yesterday and today I took none at all. I still manage to use up all 90 by the end of the month, though.Is there anyone out there who has to do this too? I am not addicted to this but I have developed a tolerance such that I can drive on a Vicodin and a half without feeling loopy or drowsy. It gets me through the parts of my tiny self-employed job. Please let me know what your experiences have been!ThanksLori
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Hi Lori- Pain is the predominant issue with my IBS too, I alternate between C and D but lean more towards C. Antispasmodics don't work well for me either. I have never found a good pain pill for IBS narcotic or otherwise but I actually do know a gal (she's a patient where I work)who uses vicodan too for IBS pain, with great difficulty in getting the scripts, but she like you says its the only thing that helps. I think doctors are really leery of writing for narcotics, they think everyone is going to become addicted. I know that there are people out there who take narcotics chronically (for years) for pain and they arent addicted. Have you developed a tolerance where you need to take more to get the same result? My brother has taken vicodan for years for back pain, I dont think he could function without it. How much elavil are you taking? I started at 10mg which did nothing and have adjusted the dosage up to between 45-50mg/day. I think it does help (it brought down an 8 to between a 3-4) but it takes a long time 4-6 weeks to work. There are other antidepresants that are for IBS pain but they say that elavil is the best. Alot of my pain is caused by what my dr said was a pelvic floor dysfunction and he said ther isnt much effective treatment for that. Hope this helps
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I wish i could try it at least,but it is not a walk in the park to get a week trial from a MD.I think about that for a while.The things who irritate me:Is it true that you can't drive under the narcotics influence?
Dear Lori,You talked about IBS predominant pain. I think that must be what I have and have had for years now. I alternate between C/D all of the time now. I recently started doing that too. I used to be Constipated all of the time but now it is half and half. My daughter gave me a few of her Loratab pain pills I was in so much agony and they worked. I only have a few left now and I have split them into thirds to make them last. They take a little of the pain away but I know that I need more to be able to not begin and end my days with screaming from the pain.I hope that before too long I will be able to get into a Pain Clinic. I pray for that every day every day.I hope that you will get something for your pain also. This IBS kicks but
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I'll answer a few questions here. Yes, I have developed a tolerance. I started out taking only half of my extra-strength Vicodin (7.5 mg of Hydrocodone with Tylenol). Now, I take a pill and a half to get the same results. On days where the pain is bad enough to make me feel like passing out, I have to take two. Problem is, the sig on my script is for three per day. They absolutely REFUSE to give me more. They say, "I'm sorry, I just don't feel 'comfortable' giving you any more Vidodin". THey don't feel comfortable!!!!! Makes me angry
THeir "comfort level" is more important than any pain I'm in.Another answer to a question is that I CAN drive under the influence of Vicodin without a problem. I barely "feel" the foggy effects of 1 1/2 Vicodin anymore, doesn't even make me sleepy. Can drive without a problem. Fortunately, it does decrease the pain. Doesn't eliminate it, but does decrease it.I live in CONSTANT fear that the person that gives me the script for Vicodin will one day decide she doesn't want to give it to me anymore. That's already happened to me once
Very scary! How can you be addicted when you're only taking about three Vicodin per day....on average!! Addiction is when you're taking about 1,000 per month, like Rush Limbaugh was!!I am currently on 50 mg of Elavil. Have been on that dosage for two weeks now. Started the Elavil at 10 mg about two months ago. So far, nothing. Will soon increase the dose to 75 mg like the doc wants me to do. **sigh**. Life sucks.
LoriMiserable in CO
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Hey,I have a script for a butalbitol (barbituate) for my Migranes and I occasionally take one for my IBS because it just hurts so bad! I take hyoscamine and tried bentyl, but they dont really work. I used to take elavil, for my nausea and pain, but it lost its effectiveness. I stopped at 75 mg/day,because it was making me so tired in the morning (i was having a hard time functioning a work), and also I gained 20 lbs in 2 months.
Before I was diagnoised with IBS, my doctor had me on Darvacet for about 3 weeks. I also take vicadin for migraines. Needles to say these kinds of pain killers are bad for IBS with constipation. I was in the hospital twice in a month. The pain killers make the constipation worse, thus more pain, bloating, and gas. I still take a vicadin once in a while. I have never had any dependency issues with it, but I have noticed it takes higher doses to get the same effect it used to. I did find that the anti-nausea medication decreased pain as well. The only draw back is it makes me VERY dizzy and sleepy.
Me too,"sorry i'm unconfortable to..."
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With more effectivness this drug can be use.
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