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Anyone with C on Wellbutrin?

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I am C/D but mostly C and I have been on Wellbutrin for a month. I know it can cause C. I have been doing fair but still having trouble with worse C being on it. I have added back my Aloe Vera juice and use suppositories when needed but I'm still not regular.I can't use fiber suppliments due to the horrible gas they cause for me including Citrucel. I drink a lot of water and eat salad & take probiotics.Any other suggestions?
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Can you take magnesium? That's what I take for my C and it works very well.
Morgan,I just started taking the citrosel 4 days ago. I have a lot of abdominal pain and ribcage pain. I believe it's gas. Is this citrosel going to cause more gas? I was on Colestid. That stuff really constipated me. This is the only meds im on for my IBS/C. I evediently dont have it as bad as some because Im not on near the meds that most people in this forum are taking.Take Care.J.B.
I was taking Wellbutrin about the time my C started...I had been D all my life. I've been off the Wellbutrin for several years now, but the C is still a major problem. I've always wondered whether or not the two were linked.Anyone one what the exact opposite of Wellbutrin is? I'd like to try it.
Just wondering what is Wellburin? Never heard of it before, was it a pill your doctor put you on?
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Wellbutrin is an antidepressant. It is for depression only and not anxiety.Citrucel can cause gas and I CANNOT take it for my C.Magnesium works great but my tummy can't handle it. I have had major vomiting issues with it so I stopped that as well.I use aloe vera juice and it keeps things moving but without all the gas. I tried the pills but they were too strong for me and I had the worst attack of my life on them.A lot of people with IBS are D so Wellbutrin is great for them. I love it because except for the C, I have no other side effects. I am awake and alert, I still want sex and my mood has leveled out. I just wish I didn't have the C. P.
Morgan, I take 100mg. of Wellbutrin in the morning. I am C/D mostly C. The med helps with spasms of the colon. I take a combo of Mag./Cal. from a local drugstore. Check out my post on I put in this morning on taking the combo with results. I think the combo works great for me. I am sure it will vary with each person, but I put an address to visit and ask questions at this store. Hope it can help. By the way, does the Wellbutrin interfere with your sleep?
I have IBS-C. I use Prozac, which is an antidepressant. Prozac promotes D. If wellburtin is promoting C I recommend changing meds. Keep trying different meds until one works. Don't stop taking depression meds, if you have depression or anxiety. Both of these problems will promote IBS
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I cannot take magnesium. I took it for awhile and I spent most of my time with an upset stomach and I had the heaves regularly.I cannot be on prozac either. I am on the Wellbutrin since it works on dopamine inhibitors. Anything that works on Serotonin messes me up bad. I have been keeping the C somewhat balanced with Aloe Juice but I'm still having issues.P.
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