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anyone with gastroparesis? (delayed stomach emptying)

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is there anyone out there who has been diagnosed with gastroparesis in addition to IBS? if so, have you had any success with medication/treatment? my gas/pain/bloating has been attributed to gp--i have tried reglan (a promotility drug) which had awful side effects for me (extreme fatigue, muscle weakness, depression) although it did help the stomach emptying of today i am on urecholine, which is traditionally used to help people urinate....apparaently its supposed to stimulate stomach contractions as well as bladder hoping it works, my doc says hes running out of ideas!
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Yep, I have gastroparesis and GERD as well as IBS-C. Are you a C or a D?I think my gastroparesis is fairly mild - if I don't eat a big meal my stomach will empty after 3-4 hours - but I have a lot of trouble with upper abdominal discomfort nonetheless.I don't take any prescription meds.This is what I am doing:Drink water ( 6 glasses a day)because you need to for IBS - but only drink it on an empty stomach. I drink two glasses in a row about 4 hour after a meal, when my stomach is empty.Use a fibre supplement for your IBS, but avoid metamucil or any psyllium based ones as these swell as soon as they enter your stomach - BAD for folks with upper GI problems. I use benefiber, 1 teaspoon in half a cup of lukewarm water before meals.Eat small meals. I eat non-creamy soups, toast, crackers mainly. Avoid anything rich or creamy.As I said I don't use any prescription meds but I am thinking of going on a low dose antidepressant as it can help the pain of not only IBS but upper GI problems (once you get over the side effect of nausea, that is). I was on propulsid once (similar to reglan) and went off it because I thought it was a somewaht scary drug.I wish you luck
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There are other drugs:zelnormdomperidoneerythromycincisapride (hard to get)Finally, there is a gastric pacemaker.A good website on this condition is
Thanks Flux,Also: I become irritable of this "altered motility".
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Yep, I was just going to give you a list of meds but I see that Flux has already done that. The domperidone can be purchased off the web under the brand name motillium. I'd be very careful with cisapride as it has been removed from the market in the US due to serious cardiac side effects!! The motillium works pretty well... You might just give it a try!
I take Domperidone, and it certainly works for me. I've even been able to reduce the dose now so i must be improving! My main problem is that i cant eat much at one time! Like only half of anything, and am thus quite underweight. Any suggestions? All the best!
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