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Are these symptoms of IBS?

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For the last few months I have been having the following symptoms which occur stronger and more frequently when on my monthly cycle: excessive bloating, some gas, pain in lower left side that is more a constant dull pain, queeziness, food seems to go right through me (bowel movements several times a day with a lot of cramps). I am an excessive Diet Coke drinker and have been under more stress than usual this year. When I explained my symptoms to my "so called" doctor, he said it could be IBS but made no suggestions as to what changes I could make or medicine to take. I would appreciate any help any one can give to me. Thanks!
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Ms Adam, it is important to have your symptoms diagnosed by a medical practitioner or doctor or a gastroenterologist. You cannot self diagnose IBS and there are many serious conditions that mimic IBS. So I would go back to him or another doctor and they will probably need to do tests.These are ten really good questions to take with you. I would also give up the coke for a couple weeks or for good and try to lower your stress levels.If that doctor is not giving you the attension you need find another doctor who can work with you or have him refer you to a gastroenterolgist.
The experts say that these fizzy (carbonated) drinks are not really good for IBS sufferers. Maybe cutting out the diet coke would help, for all I know?
aspartame in Diet Coke makes me feel worse. try laying off the diet coke for some time and see if you feel better. I would also go see a GI doc.
I agree with Eric. Other medical conditions should be ruled out when there is any change in body symptoms. My IBS always seemed to get a little worse before my period, but there are "female conditions" that can mimic IBS so you should get checked out just to be sure.
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