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How much of the bowel is not examined if a person has both colonoscopy and endoscopy? Would it be worth having the capsule endoscopy to examine the small bowel? This is a hypothetical question since I dont think it will be likely to be vailable in Australia for a while.My daughter has been told IBS, but has lower ab pain all day.Sporadic severe attacks of D.I can't accept that there is nothing that can be done to help her.No medications help.thanks gilly

Typically most of the small intestine is not visualized.A barium X-ray or the capsule can see all of it.There are a bunch of medications that can be used for IBS. Click on the word "drugs" in the blue menu bar above.If your doctors say there is no treatment and no medications at all for IBS, I recommend finding new doctors, as there are any number of treatments available. Some of them may not be available in your country.Back to the small intestine. The main reasons for looking at that beyond the scoping would be if there were "red flags" that are indicative of Crohn's disease, although the most common spot for that is in the part of the small intestine that can be seen during a colonoscopy (but it can be in other locations) This would be inexplicable weight loss that occurs when the person eats plenty of food to maintain weight, elevated Sedimentation Rate in blood tests, anemia in the blood tests, bloody diarrhea, pain that wakes her up from a sound sleep in the night.K.
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