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I am sick and tired of not being to live my life normally. I cannot enjoy any of the social events I attend, because 15 after having a dinner I look 5 months pregnant. Then I have trouble breathing. After about1 hr--- I am absolutely miserable. And the cycle repeats each and every time I eat. I will not even mention the awful gas troubles that just make the situation even more exciting.Along with being constipated I feel like my entire body becomes swollen, not only my abdomen, but face and legs. Does anyone else experience this??? I don’t know what to do. I take Milk of Mg, whenever constipation becomes severe. However, I am only 21 and I fear that by the time I reach 30 my colon will become dependent. I am so confused, frustrated, upset and lost. I don’t know what to do. You know, it only takes 1 meal to ruin the entire Christmas. And it takes 2 weeks to fix the problem.
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From what I'm gathering, it sounds like a gas problem for you? Have you tried to take an OTC product like Gax-X before your meals?I can't help with the constipation issue because mine is D-predominant. The forum for constipation should give you some great tips, and the other for gas, bloating, etc. should help.
Why not try looking into Zelnorm, a prescription medicine for IBS-D?Or even Amitza?
Hi!! I can definintely relate to your situation. I am almost 20 now and I have been suffering from bloating and gas since I was 7 or 8 . I know everything about feeligs of frustration and depression. It is really difficult but u are not alone . Good luck!!
quote:Originally posted by Silent Sufferer Suffering:Why not try looking into Zelnorm, a prescription medicine for IBS-D?Or even Amitza?
I thought Zelnorm was for IBS-C?
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