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hi ladies
trying to conceive -or at least thinking of starting and would like to get your input and experiences on taking Asacol for your IBD while pregnant. It's a category B drug meaning that there have been not adverse effects on baby rats but nothing has been tested on humans and their offspring.....My GI told me I can take it and that it's safe and so did my OB/GYN but i'd prefer to not take any drugs just to really be on the safe side! I have ulcerative proctitis which forces me to take 3 pills 3x a day to keep it under control whcih i'm really not forced to deal with many symptoms on a regular basis-have had it for 2 years now. Also have IBS which my main symptom is colon spasms-OUCH!!!!!! Take an anti-spasmodic only when needed and no that I can't take this drug-Levsin S/L because this is a cat. C (i think). Could you share your experiences (particularly those of you with UC or UP) on how your pregnancy went-did your symptoms get worse or better during the 9 months, did you continue on your meds, did you opt for a C-Section vs. vaginal due to IBD, etc.....Thanks in advance
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