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I have had IBS for 9 years now; seems to have started after I had a GI upset while travelling (in Ottawa, Canada! I know, I can happen anywhere). My triggers were always fat and eating too much at one sitting. Diet was somewhat limited but I could function as a "normal-appearing" person. (And could always drink alcohol, oddly but thankfully.)

Then, for some reason that I haven't been able to pin down, it got a lot worse 1.5 years ago. I could tolerate hardly any fat at all, very little soluble fiber (such as legumes), and some kinds of sugary foods, such as jams. Made it very difficult to get enough calories in a day, not to mention eat at restaurants or friends' houses. People think you're just being self-indulgent or a hypochondriac if you tell them how small a range of foods agrees with you. Or they brilliantly "diagnose" you off the cuff as gluten-intolerant, when you've been testing various foods for years and, as in my case, have found that bread is a consistent friend. But I digress...

Had a colonoscopy since this flare-up and all looks pretty down there, so I'm told. Blood work is all normal, too. It's "just" IBS; take psyllium powder twice a day, manage your triggers, and deal with it. Thanks so much, doc. Okay, to be fair, the psyllium did help mitigate against the diarrhea, giving my stools something of a normal texture. And frequency of bowel movements was reduced significantly, usually to one every morning. But lower GI cramping was just as bad if I ate any of my triggers.

Then, in the past month or so, I've found my gut being more tolerant. All I have changed is that, for the sake of my heart health, I have started taking 1 baby aspirin 3 times a week. I have been advised to take it every day, but when I did this a few years ago I had acidity problems, even though I was, and am, using enteric-coated aspirin. So, not feeling like facing any more GI discomfort, I decided to limit it to 3 a week and take it when I take omeprazole (generic Nexium-like med), also 3 times a week for mild GERD, on the assumption that the omeprazole would help with any acidity.

I read some posts from 2006 and 2009 about people finding help from aspirin. Anyone having more recent good results with it?
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