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Athletics & IBS

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Hi, I'm new to this website (newly "diagnosed" with IBS as well). My biggest frustration with IBS has been its impact on my ability to train and compete as a runner(which I've read is typically hard on anyone with GI symptoms). Races are in the morning when my stomach is usually pretty sensitive (ie taking a pitstop in the middle of a 5K running race is not too helpful). It's gotten to the point where I'm afraid to sign up for a race never mind compete.Any other athletes w/ IBS have suggestions about how to work around IBS & still enjoy running etc?
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The colon is effected by running, its called runners d of course.In IBS the colon can be overactive to begin with.You might want to read this thread.;f=1;t=039609 I played soccer for twenty years and was going pro, until I blew my knee out. Even with severe IBS I played. Partof that was distraction while playing and over coming it in the first place. Oddly I did not get runners d all that often. I was pain predominate and alternating c and d, but more d then c.The best approach to IBS is treating the mind body connection in IBS, most people improve.
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