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Atkins Diet to find out what foods you can eat

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After reading much about the SCD and finding that two of my family members claimed sugar was a primary cause of their IBS I decided to try something different.I went on the Atkins initial two-week diet to eliminate all carbo's.I found my IBS was gone by day 2 and never returned, even after 10 days.I then put the carbo's back one at a time to find which ones cause the most trouble. Sugar, Pasta and Bread were the worst.The Atkins diet was a real key to isolating my food sensitivities.Now I try to consume only the more friendly carbohydrates. I also have reduced the starches with each meal, eating meat and vegetable meals instead.One cannot stay on the initial Atkins diet as it is only meant for the 1st two weeks, but it could be a great tool isolate your IBS problem. I highly recomend reading the book first though. Give it a try.
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I have been on Atkins since diagnosed. It is a miracle cure for me, my ibs, my pms and controls weight. I just have to kind of keep my fat down a little bit due to not having a gallbladder and having ibs - D. This is not hard, I still get 1-2 tablespoons of fat at each meal (that's up to 20 gms)...fairly high amount/no problem for me though...I eat only unprocessed meat, low carb soft veggies and healthy fats. I'm all SET.
Glad to hear it.The Atkins diet has enemies that are as fanatical as terrorists.
Such animosity often scares people from trying the Atkins diet when it may be the solution to their problem.
For anyone trying it though. Read the book. The first two weeks is not the Atkins diet.
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I too have an Atkin's like diet as well. The high protein diet has worked wonders for me. I am down to having D episodes one to twice a month and not nearly as severe as once before. But breakfast seems to be the most difficult. I am trying to keep my fats down but breakfast is so difficult since I cannot tolerate cereals. Please if you have any suggestions... I am pretty much egged out.Thanks
Atkins puts out a bake mix you can make pancakes out of, and also a maple syrup that isn't half bad.I know what you're saying about the eggs. I've gotten good at fixing them all kinds of ways, even mastering cheese omelets.
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