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atkins diet

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Can anyone tell me what the Atkins Diet is and whether they've tried it? I've heard it's good for gas problems.
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Maybe its good for gas, But bad for everything else. I dont agree with that type of diet at all.
angelk753 is poorly misinformed. the evidence is MOUNTING that carbs --especially grains and sugar-- are a huge problem for the majority of the book and it may make sense.people who criticize the diet do not understand it. also, there are many other diets that are very similar to the atkins diet.i believe that if the meats came from wild game like rabbit and deer; then, it would be far healthier than hormone-laced beef and chicken. the key to the diet is in the leafy green vegetable department. this is crucial to good health.
Bascially it is all the meat, fat, dairy you want. Fairly scimply on the veggies and no starch of any sort at any time what so ever.Avoiding starches other than rice can reduce gas volume for some people.There are a variety of Lo-Carb diets. Atkins tends to be more extreme and the ZONE diet tends to be more moderate, but there are a bunch of them (because each new one makes the best seller list
)Basically with Atkins it is eat all the fat you want, load up on protein and avoid most anything that looks like a carb except for some veggies (depending on the phase it may have very little veggies) but I know people who do not even bother to eat ANY veggies at all claiming that is what Atkins tells them to do, but he does want you to eat some.This diet can be constipating for anyone who needs the recommended amount of fiber (25-35 grams a day).Weight loss at first is rapid because you deplete the carbohydrate stores in your body in the first couple of days and from that lose a bunch of water weight that comes back as soon as you eat any carbs.Because of the high fat content many eat fewer calories than on low-fat high carb diets because fat fills you up and you may eat a lot less than you otherwise would.K.
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the problem with carbs is that it causes the release of insulin and this causes oscillations in blood sugar. more in some people than others.carbs also have an addictive quality to them.i think that people mistakenly believe that they are going to be garbaging down 3 steaks per day. that is not the case. your hunger and cravings disappear when you cut down on carbs therefore you eat less. if a person can choose protein sources that come from free-range, grass fed, hormone free sources then they will be healthier than the grain and sugar eating population. again the key is to eat plenty of nutricious leafy green vegetables like romaine lettuce, kohlrabi, endive, etc
I would be extremely cautious about any diet that encourages you to eliminate an entire food group, It's very difficult to sustain your needs without any carbs. However I would advocate avoiding too much sugar as this can play havoc with your system, even too much fructose can be hard on your gut. I know one reply to this post says cravings diminish once you cut out carbs but I have seen it actually trigger binges (not myself but have heard from others).
KristallI am not that misinformed, I am a certified personal trainer. Although I dont do it as a career nor am I a nutritionist, I have read enough to get my certification and to make, ME in my personal opinion Not agree with the Atkins diet
you are correct it can cause people to binge. however, nothing that is worth having is going to be easy. therefore it requires a lot of discipline. also, that kind of proves my point that carbs have an almost addictive-like quality. the question for people who are overweight is.... do you want to slim down or give in to your cravings????????the diet does include carbs but in the beginning they are very low. as time goes on they increase but are kept in check.also, people can get plenty of carbs from nuts and vegetables --- we don't need grain (especially if it causes problems). [carbs can make people fat]
IF they will eat the veggies.I've done enough research into diets that protect against cancer to be very leary of things that people use as an exuse to never eat a veggie again, and I know people that USE atkin's to do that EVEN when he encourages veggies.Vitamin pills are NOT a substitute for Fruits and Veggies.Eating more calories than you burn makes you fat. REGARDLESS of the source. The only thing that eating Hi-Fat, Lo-Carb does vs Lo-Fat Hi-Carb is how much food it takes to sate the appetite. For many people the former works better than the latter. I tend to be the other way around, personally. When I went very Lo-Fat for a cholesterol issue (that was drug induced) I found that I couldn't eat enough to maintain weight. I really should go back to that
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I believe that there is nothing better than to just make some lifestyle changes. Its all about moderation. Unfortunatly I dont always stick to that.
Carbs are my enemy. My gastro prescribed this diet for me and it seemed to help quite a bit. Its very difficult and I failed to stay on it. Now when I have a bad flair I go back to it and voila! I'm better For me I'm quite sure there is a connection between carbs and gut pain.
Eat lots of fat?! That would kill me! I'm not sure about what was meant by "fat" but if I eat too much meat I get BAD gas and that goes for any junk food. One nurse had me cut out all white sugar and it nearly killed me, I passed out a lot. I'm not sure what carbs to eliminate first as there are heaps of different types? I would rather try to eliminate one at a time. Is fructose a carb?
Fructose is a carb. The only thing that I have cut down on is regular pasta cause it makes me bloat, but i havent had a problem since I switched to whole wheat pasta.
Every single -ose is a carb, they are all different kinds of sugars.If you want to try limiting types of carbs vs whole sale rejection of the whole thing, I have a few ideas. And this is a try something for a couple of weeks if it helps keep it out of the diet, if not put it back in.1. Limit raffinose. This is in beans and cabbage family veggies. If you want to eat beans then do from scratch rather than canned. Presoak for at least an hour, drain off the soak water, rinse and cook in fresh water.2. Limit starches other than rice. So cut back on breads, pastas, potatoes, non-rice cereals and see if that helps. 3. Limit sugar alcohols. The sorbitol manitol other -itol's. Mostly in sugarless gums and candies, but also in raw fruits like apples, pears, peaches (other peach like fruits), plums and cherries. Cooking destroys the -itols so you may be OK with cooked things like applesauce.4. Limit lactose. some people do not break down lactose, but the two above are likely to effect any given human being. lactose and the rest of the list are things that only effect some people.5. Limit fructose, particularly high-fructose corn syrup. Fructose is absorbed best when 1:1 with glucose (which is what you find in table sugar aka sucrose) In High fructose corn syrup it isn't balanced and some people do not absorb it well.K.
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Thanks heaps for that, I'll try it out one by one. Does only "limiting" it help? I would think that even a little would set someone off who couldn't tolerate it.
i read some books on eating for your blood type. it seems pretty interesting. like "O" type is a meat and vegetable eater. whereas "A" type is more into carbs.but the author thinks that wheat and other gluten grains are bad for everyone.
quote: Eating more calories than you burn makes you fat. REGARDLESS of the source
This is an OVERSIMPLIFICATION to the extreme.On the surface is seems the obvious answer, but when examined in depth we see how false it is. The best arguement is how CERTAIN foods like cookies, cakes, brownies, fudge will trigger a person into binge eating. People get hooked on foods of this type not on lean turkey.
I read that bloodtype book "Eat Right For Your Type", it told me to stop eating all things I love the most...not sure if I'd rather die! And told me to eat more meat when I hate it.
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I keep reading that the things we love the most are the things that are causing the most problems. A few doctors term this as "food addiction".
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