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Awake at night

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Last night i was woken up continually by awful pain in my stomach so bad it made me feel sick. Ive still got it now, and with an hour to go before i have to leave for college its looking ropey if i will get there or not. Its so painful. I haven't had this kind of pain for a while. I really want to go to my lecture, but im not sure i can. Im nervous about my stomach. I suppose i can always just leave once im there.Im fed up of IBS. I never know what its going to throw at me. What next? I hope it doesn't wake me up every night. NOt sure i can handle it again.Nikki
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Nobody cares. That makes me feel great.
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You may have eat some troubles foods like me last nigth just before bed i have ate pistachios.Very hard for the lower bowel.I've noted that when i follow impose diet,i'm usually worst with that.
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Impose diet?I didnt eat anything bad. It wasn't my lower bowel anyway.Im confused.
Nikki, of course we care!!!!!
I understand how you feel to be fed up with IBS. I am in the same boat myself. It always seems like there is something going on and it just doesn't give me a break.I hope you feel better soon!! :love:
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Nikki, do you think the stress of going back or being nervous about the pain is contributing to the attacks?Have you been able to get into the doctor yet?
I really dont know eric. But whatever it is, its driving me mad. I toss and turn all night long, even if i dont- i wake up exhausted with terrible headaches. I feel like im falling apart. I keep meaning to make an appt at the docs, but i get really nervous and dont know what to say. Everytime i think about getting a docs appt my stomach acts up and i think i will never make it, so i dont even make one.I get so nervous about making my lectures that sometimes i just dont go, like the other day when i posted this message. I actually ended up being ok stomach wise- no D or anything. Just really bad pain for most of the day. Generally, im having a bit of a tough time with my stomach right now. I know when i do see the doc she wont offer me anything except the antispasmodic, so eloquently described by Sparkle* as "wank". Im ready to try anything now-i can't afford to keep buying imodium. I might start the hypnosis again, but my CD player is acting up and making EVERY CD i own jump, so i dont want to ruin them in it.Ahh- im so upset about it. I will email you instead.
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Nikki!So sorry to hear that you've been going through this!! and sorry I didn't read your post until now... you sound like how I felt a little while ago. So, I know how you feel!! Just try not to get caught in that cycle --> nervous, anxious, depressed, worried !! ON TOP of being in pain!! (ah, just thinking about it is making me all tense...haha). Whatever you are experiencing will pass. It WILL get better. We are thinking of you~Feel better!!
Nikki,I wouldn't assume that no one cares because I'm fairly certain, as you've seen by the replies, that people *do* care about you. I hope your IBS won't keep you up on a nightly basis. I hate it. If you're lucky to get a slight break, all it takes is one set back to bring you right back down. No one deserves this kind of suffering.I hope you're feeling better by now.Christy
Hi Nikki. So sorry you are feeling bad. I know what it is like to get really down with IBS. Sometimes things just get too much especially when the pain is bad. Couple of months back mine was so bad, I dreaded waking up each day. I find the more I worry about it the worse it gets - it's hard not to when the pain is constant.I too dread the Dr's, all that sitting waiting wondering if I'll be struck down at any moment with urgent D. If you can, go back to see your Dr. It's never as bad as you think it is going to be. If you aren't happy with the Dr. you have now then change Dr's. There are some good ones out there. Write down how you are feeling and what your symptoms are. You could always give them what you have written down if you can't speak. Maybe take a friend with you or family member for support. Let us know how you get on. Good luck
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