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away from home issues?

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so im a really good flute player. i just made all state in ohio. im the 3rd best flute player in my state. but for all state we have to go to this place like 4 hours away and stay in a hotel for 4 nights:( and im just soooooo dreading it. im going to take a bottle of immodium with me, of course. but i just dont know what to do. im just soo dreading it. does anyone else have some tips that help them when they are away from home? i mean, i dont even eat when im away from home because of it.
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wow. it might be kind of weird, but reading that brought me to tears.. lol ive never had anyone like encourage me or tell me that its gonna be ok. and ive never had any advice over it. ive tried talking to my mother about it but she just tells me to suck it up, that im just like this because i worry and to get over it. so i really really appreciate it. thank you soo much:) and i will make the best of it. and one more question. will taking half of an off brand immodium before each meal make you constipated? ive never tried that, but it makes a lot of sense.
i had a miracle happen to me at all state. my stomach did great. i was soooo relieved. i was able to enjoy myself and be worried free. my mother gave me some pills to try, she has the same problem as me, but her ibs is much worse than mine. she gave me chlordiazepoxide/clidinium to take before meals. i was taking dicyclomine 10mg and it wasnt working that well for me. its supposed to relax your stomach muscles but the medicine my mom gave me was pretty much the same just more powerful and it helped a lot! i had 5 people in my hotel room so in the mornings i just got up a little earlier and went down to the lobby restroom in the mornings, luckily, thats the only time i really needed to go. i was soooo relieved and happyy:) i also stayed away from soda's the enntirree time i was there. which was almost 5 days and i hate going away from home. i ate very little so i didnt have to go as much but i made it through and i did very well on my solo at the concert:) im very proud of myself and im thankful for your support:)
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