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Does anyone experience low back pain with their IBS? Mine is a gnawing achey pain sometimes it goes on for days,comes and goes mostly. My doctor tells me its part of the IBS,but i am not seeing anything on that symptom.Is their anything i can do for this. Thank You Deana!!!
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Hi Deana, I have always had alot of lower back pain,it seems to go more to the side alot.I was going to a Chiro. for it,but i got tired of going to the city.I use a heating pad for it,and Bengay,the kind that is odorless,at my age,i never thought i'd be putting Bengay on my back! others on this board do have backpain also.I hope this helps you,take care,Krissy
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When I am very C, bloated and distended, my posture changes (in a subconscious attempt to relieve the pain I suppose)so that I adopt the "pregnancy stance" when I am standing up i.e. butt pushed out, stomach poking out, and I think that puts a lot of tension in the lower back, because I get a bad lower back ache.And pregnant women get sore lower backs too!
Thanks Krissy and Pooh Bear, it's nice to know I'm not alone yes pooh bear it does seem exactly as you described.My posture seems all out of wack and oh how I remember the back pain from pregnancy.What I am experencing now feels like the labor pains I had with my first born it was all in the back.God I wish there were cures for all these ailments..Thanks Deana!!
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