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I saw my GP yesterday who totally believed in my symptoms~at last!. I gave him a list of symptoms and foods (mostly wheat & dairy) that upset me. He's booked me in for a blood test to check for celiacs,liver funtion and a full blood count next week.He's also refering me to a dietitain. He said he doesn't think i have celiacs/lactose intolerance because im not suffering with 'd'. If i was to have a milkshake,w'bix etc i'd be suffering in other ways. Surely peoples symptoms are different and not have to suffer with 'd'?. I tend to 'go' about 4 times a week!. Can anyone shed some light on this pleeease!!!!. He prescribed merbentyl to ease things (has anyone tried these?)and understands that the root of it all needs to be found so at least he's got the ball rolling!.
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