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Barium Enema

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Hello, I'm scheduled to go for a BE on friday, so I'm doing a bit of research. I did a search already and read the old posts, but none said much about after the BE. How long do you feel yucky after the BE? I'm having it on Friday, and I want to know if I'll be able to work on Saturday morning. Thanks to anyone who answers.
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After it was over I felt fine, had to go potty a few times that day but the next I was having a normal(to us ibs suffers)day! Go luck
Hrrmmmm....DRINK LOTS!!! I actually got a fissure from not drinking enough, so please learn by my mistake. That was painful! I had to go to the bathroom a lot, and don't be alarmed when you BM is white; that is from the barium. I found a bath helped "relax" me and also to get the barium off me; amazing the places that stuff can go when it was only supposed to be up yer butt! Tea tasted good...but I really was exhausted. Maybe stressed out, I don't know, but I slept. You'll be gassy too (or I was). Try to know where the bathrooms are on the way home....just in case. You'll feel like all heck is exploding when they finally let you go after the exam but just in case.....A hot water bottle felt good for me too.Good luck....and remember deep breaths to relax...
I second what everyone else said. I felt fine by the day after.
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Well, speaking for myself who tends toward constipation, getting cleaned out with all that prep makes me feel great the next day. As others have said, make sure to drink a lot of water so that you pass the barium as quickly as possible. You won't be comfortable if it hangs around for a day or 2.
I just found out my tests have been rescheduled, and now the BE is on monday and the upper gi/small bowel series is on tuesday. I guess I'm kind of glad to get it over with in a short period of time, but 2 doses of barium that close to each other? Is that going to cause problems? I hear ppl on this board saying how you have to get the stuff out of your system quickly or it can harden and be hard to get out, so I guess I'm getting a a little worried having to have 2 doses. Has anyone had this experience? And thanks to everyone who answered my last question! I'm really glad this BB exists so we folks can talk and ask questions!
First time I ever had them done, I had both tests back to back, with the upper first. Didn't have any problem.Good Luck,Marty
I had the BE and felt terrible ..gassy and bloated for two days afterwards. I think my colon was overly sensitive.
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