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Beano and Gas-X

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Does beano work as a gas preventative? Does Gas-X work to stop gas once it is there....thanks
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beano didn't do anything for me.The Gas X helps pass the gas.
quote:Does beano work as a gas preventative?
quote: Does Gas-X work to stop gas once it is there
Gas-X does not stop or prevent gas from forming. It just makes it more difficult for gas to form bubbles, that is for gas to mix with the surface of a liquid. This is supposed to make it easier for gas in the stomach to be belched.
Beano usually works for me. Gas-x however doesn't do squat for me.
helloOnce I have gas, charcoal tablets work very well for me. They do absorb nutrients but if I am around others and I don't have much of a choice, I take them. They work instantly for intestinal gas.I have purchased some digestive enzymes from GNC before that i use to take before meals but they did not seem to do much for me.
quote: They work instantly for intestinal gas.
Actually, they don't affect gas in the intestine because they do lose their gaseous adsorptive capability when wet, which happens once they are consumed.
If I eat alot of beans, I have a gassy sensatio in the rectum but with Beano, the intestine feels calm, quiet. However, I have I also have the gas I can't feel or smell all the time regardless of what I eat and Beano does nothing at all for the odor. So I think it depends on the way you experience gas. Gas X does nothing for me and I already pass gas without it
So charcoal doesn't work? I was thinking about trying it.
quote:So charcoal doesn't work?
Through ingestion, no. It is used by the flatulence filter for odor though
beano DOES help me; i usually double or triple the suggested dose. however, it does not prevent all the gas but seems to cut down on it.charcoal...never had any real luck with it.gas-x... same as charcoalfor eliminating gas, zero sugar and low to moderate carb intake works for me.
quote:for eliminating gas, zero sugar and low to moderate carb intake works for me.
I say ditto to that (but add starch also), fruits are full of carbs but according to flux they don't cause odor. however I still pass the bad odor even when I think I am gas free. Someone will always let you know ........
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flux says that fruit doesn't cause odor...... huh !!!i wonder if he would like to accept my challenge. i propose that both him and me enter a 10 x 10 room, and then i will proceed to eat a whole bunch of raisins, figs, and dates. if he can stay in the room for longer than 24 hours without passing out or succumbing to the horrific odor then i will never question his "so-called" expertise again !!!
Oh, that is too funny, MikeRalph. Beano helps me.
Dried fruits are a bit different on bacteria than freh. I've been told they're a no-no for gas and smell. Something to do with sulphur.
MIKERALPH! HEE, HEE HEE! You got me ROTFL with that one. Hey, I want to be shut up in a 10 by 10 room with Flux after drinking a glass of milk . BWAH,HA,HA! I don't think he would question "how do I know I pass huge amounts of gas". He'd be asphyxiated. He'd look like Arnold Schwarzeneggar in Total Recall! Sorry Flux, but that was too good to pass up. Love ya!
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