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been constipated all my life..

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i was born with a problem that affects my ability to urinate and defecate on my own. the urination problem has been taked care of by medication and catheterization, but the bowel problems are still lingering. I am almost 19 years old, and i've never had a bowel movement on my own. I was born without nerves in that area that i guess make that area function. i had ememas a lot when i was little, but those were painful and very uncomfortable. I have been taking laxatives(mainly dulcolax) since i was 9. now the dulcolax is not working like it should. it is supposed to produce a bowel movement in about 6-8 hours, and now only does it in about 15-20 hours and it's ver painful. if anyone is going through the same problem, or knows about a method i could try to maybe have less disscomfort, i would be greatly appreciative. thanks
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Since the problem is localized, I wonder whether it could simply be removed. Other parts of the colon could be used in reconstruction.
see my post in the main Constipation page titled "The Only Solution" - you owe it to yourself to try it once.Doug
quote:see my post in the main Constipation page titled "The Only Solution" - you owe it to yourself to try it once.
You owe it yourself to ignore this.
I would be interested to know just what has been diagnosed as the problem. Is the bowel functional? If you have been essentially constipated all of your life, your colon is not trained to function as it should,and the more artificial stimulation it receives the less likely it is that natural acting can occur. Sounds like a really tough problem and I surely do hate to hear about such a thing. What kind of tests and specialists have you seen?
4willieCwell, i've been diagnosed with sacral agenesis. not really sure what it is.... but i'm pretty sure the bowel can't function on it's own. never has been able to. when i was little i saw a gastroenterologist and he said i should get a colostomy bag... but my mom wouldnt allow it(thank God) i don't know about what kind of tests i had or anything like that.
Maybe you should go back to the doctor now that you are older and see what he has to say about it.
Agalenaved,I feel so bad for you, I know how painful it is when you can't go, I used to go 17 to 20 days without a bowel movement and wanted to die from the pain. I never heard of sacral agenesis, but I thought the disease was called Hirshsprungs disease when the nerve endings are absent. Have you heard of Hirshsprungs disease before in relation to your problem? Has yout doc tried Miralax for you? It helped me some but my other problems were to much for it to work really good. I hope you get some relief without having to get an ostomy, but if it has to be that it is not as bad as it sounds. I had a temporary ileostomy for three months and thou I was glad to be reversed I felt much better with it. Best of luck to you!
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Hi, I'm really sorry about your problem. Upon google searching, I saw there's a sacral agenesis support group which gave an email address, but I guess you know about it.If you're looking for some "homemade" strategies, I made a constipation site which might offer you helpful tips (see below).I myself have a rare condition (hypercalcemia) caused by missing genetic marker, which causes fibromyalgia-type pain, constipation, bleeding, cognitive impairment, you name it. So I'm sorta in your boat w/respect to having an unsolveable situation. I wish I had a magic pill for us both...
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