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Been taking Digestrin for 2 months now..Here's my results

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I started taking an IBS supplement called Digestrin about 2 months ago. According to the company, "Digestrin allows you to digest your foods up to 1930% more effectively, freeing your dietary tract to heal. Over 99.2% Complete Success Rate." They also claim that Digestrin will stop cramps, diarreah, etc... So I decided to give it a shot. I've taken it exactly as the company recommends and I've had so-so results. Before taking Digestrin, I had cramps and loose bm's or diarreah pretty much daily. Since taking Digesrtin, I still have cramps (almost daily)but the loose bm's and diarreah only happen a couple days a week now as opposed to almost daily. So the net result for me is that I have few more "good days" per week than before. It certainly has NOT been a cure for me, but seems to have helped a little bit. Has anybody else tried Digrestrin? If so, what has your experience with it been?
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That sounds kinda in line with what I might expect based on the ingredients (from what I remember last time I looked).The fiber and some of the herbs may help some symptoms in IBSers some more than others.I think the fiber is a big thing that may help, it may be worth (depending on how expensive the stuff is) to see if straight cheap fiber supplements give the same results.I love the 1930% improvement. Honestly if IBSers only digested food at 10% of normal or 1% of normal or 0.1% of normal (assuming it is trying to get you back to normal vs 10 or 100X better than normal
) I would think all IBSers would be dead of malnoutritions in about the same time someone starves to death if they decide to stop eating
I thought it had peppermint in it as well. Peppermint Altoids are about the cheapest sources of peppermint oil on the market and work for some people.K.
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Actually, there is no fiber in Digesrin. Which is good because if it did, it would wreak havoc on me! I personally think the psyllium (for thickening), peppermint, and acidophilus are probably the most beneficial. But who knows... Peppermint Altoids are a good source of peppermint oil, but in order to get a good amount, one must absorb way too much sugar in the process. A plea to scientists: "Come up with a cure for IBS!!!"
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Psyllium is fiber...Maybe they didn't put much in it...I didn't see a nutrional breakdown...but every other product that uses psyllium does it because it is fiber.It is what is in Metamucil and many other fiber products. This product seems to use pretty standard IBS "lore" in development so fiber would be part of it.The acidophilus in combo with the fiber may be why this fiber doesn't bother you. If the Acidophilus bacteria digest the psyllium they will produce no gas.This is the quote from their site "Psyllium - helps regulate the digestive system." It regulates things by absorbing water, and all that fiber that indicates it is in enough quantity to do something (which is usually about 0.5 grams if it is like any other fiber pill on the market...this is less than most doses of fiber you take if you were to take a full dose, but most fiber pills that are 0.5 grams suggest taking several pills a day).K.
Thanks for your replies, K!
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