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Hi there,I first took bentyl back in June of last year, I had no ill effects (well, not like the ones you are experiencing). The bentyl caused 2 things to happen for me. It made me extremely tired, and it also made me dry, dry eyes, dry skin, dry mouth, dry everyplace! i had to stop it, I just couldn't stand all that dry stuff. The bentyl worked fine as far as the anti-spasmotic qualities go, helped with my cramping and pain but since it isn't an anti-diarrheal, it didn't do squat for my actual D. Also, with the bentyl I had to take it daily, as a maintenance medication, for it to be effective. I have since switched to Levsin SL, I drop one under my tongue when I start to get cramps and off I go. Only taken as needed and again, helps tremendously with the cramping, but doesn't touch the diarrhea problem.Maybe you are having a funky reaction to it. If I were you I would give it another couple of days and see how it goes, if no better, I would stop it and ask your doctor for an altenative.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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