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Bentyl - Daily and Long-Term Use Okay??

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I have D-IBS (cramping/diarrhea/gas/pain). My dr. prescribed Bentyl to be taken on a daily basis (1/2 tablet 2 to 3 times daily). Does anyone know if it is safe to take it daily long term? My dr. said to do it yet the pharmacist seemed hesitant on saying long term use was okay. It has helped with the cramping and I seem to be a little constipated. Anyone have any info?
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Hi Cathy:I take Bentyl on and off, and haven't heard that it causes problems long term. But then again, we aren't always told everything. Ask your pharmacist what he considers "long-term". You could also call several other pharmacists to see what they say.Let me know what you find out.JeanG
Cathy, some good information on Bentyl: ------------------
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