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I'm a little confused about this med. I told the dr. that when I have a loose day (D) I get nausea and some aching across the belly (either right or left or across the umbilical area). He said to take a Bentyl tablet every morning. It does help. My IBS alternates from C to normal to D. Do you use this med only when needed or will it help keep my days normal if I used it all the time?
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Alot depends on how your IBS is. If you have alot of normal days, with only an occasional problem you could probably just take as needed. And if you only have problems with known triggers, you could pop one prior to the trigger event (most things work better if you don't let it get bad before you take the med for it).OTOH, if you have mostly bad days, a regular regime may work out the best.K.------------------I have no financial, academic, or any other stake in any commercial product mentioned by me.And from the as if IBS isn't enough of a worry file...from New Scientist's Feedback column: photographed on the door of a ladies' loo in the Sequoia National Park in California by reader Liz Masterman: "Please keep door closed to discourage bears from entering."
I take Bentyl every single day, not just "as needed".
I take it just as needed, only on really bad days. I took it every day for a long time, and seemed to build up a resistance to it, so that I had to keep taking more to get the same effect, which I didn't like. Now just taking 1 works for me again.
I take it only as needed, maybe 1 or 2 days per month. I use it for the painful spasm and it works wonders!!! I have tried using other things like Peppermint Tea or a heating pad, but they do nothing for me. One Bentyl and I'm feeling much, much better!Stacey
I only take bentyl when needed. If I take it too much I will get C instead of D. I usually take it just before I go on planes or out to eat at a new place with friends.
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