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Hi all,

I have started suffering from leaky gas a couple of months ago completely turning my life upside down in the process.

I have become too used to my own gas smell to detect it, relying on facial expressions of people around me to try and "guess" whether I have just let one out or not. I am trying to do everything in my powers to solve my LG problem (changing my diet, doing pelvic floor exercises, regular exercising etc.), but what's making it hard is not having this feedback effect of actually being able to tell how well I am doing in a certain period or situation.

Thus, I am looking for an affordable, as-sensitive-as-possible odor detector/air purifier which I can keep in my room and just use to keep track of how well am I doing with either a certain food regime, exercise regime or any other attempt at a solution. I figured this is the best place to ask.

I am based in the UK and would like to spend to more than £50. Am I asking for too much for too little?

P.S. I have read the official guide with examples like leaving the room and re-entering shortly after. Procedures like that are sometimes useful, but I am looking for something more precise where I can completely leave out reliance on my faulty sense of smell.
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