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BIG NEWS for those with IBS-C! Dannon "Activia" Yogurt!

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I am trying out this stuff for the first time. I have a cup for breakfast with my nutritional supplement. (Not a big morning eater). Read up on it. It is supposed to regulate the digestive tract in as little as two weeks. (Helps speed up intestional transit time). It comes in Peach, Strawberry, Blueberry and Vanilla. Tastes pretty good!!! Read up on it! *This is more for IBS-C* I have IBS-D but I still eat a cup every other day just trying to find a balance. Seems to be a big new thing to hit the market! Its the only yogurt in the world to contain the Bifidus Regularis probiotic.
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There sweet #### has been around here for a while.Always makes Spasman worst.It's not the first time we heard about probiotics.Each company has the best "species".Alrigth,i'm going to the grocery.
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Do hope this helps you. I take a probiotic but with 25 billion micro-organisms per capsule. It does contain B.longum and B.bifidum but not the probiotic you mention. Does anyone here know if a small yogurt like the one mentioned can contain enough probiotic to reach the colon? Last time I asked in my health shop the woman said they were a waste of time?
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That's just what my health shop said Spasman! Full of sweet ####
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I know i'm so good in english.
Well if they introduce a new "species" and let the sweet #### there,i don't know.Anyway,i will buy some.I hope there is nothing like sugar,glucose/fructose,or any other hidden sugar replacement.The brand i use normally is with no sugar added.
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Well there are enough stupid to put these ingredients even in the plain flavor.They even look proud of it.
I can't see how a company like that could cure us with a "new specie".Anyway,i'm gonna drop half a gallon tonigth wwe will see.
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peardrops - what probiotic can you get in the UK that has 25b little buzzy bugs ? Mine, which I get from the supermarket only has 1b, but even when I looked in H & B I couldn't see anything much stronger. Is it a prescription one ?
mekis - I get mine from my health shop - she does have to order them though and they must be kept in the fridge. They are made by Custom Probiotics (Acidophilus & Bifidus) have a look on for more info. They aren't cheap, for 90 capsules they cost £35.99. I also take Culturelle but can only get it on line from - hope this helps
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Wow...okay...that I don't know for sure..but I have eaten two cups between yesterday and today and being IBS-D..omg...I have been trapped in the bathroom..almost missed work today because of it...okay so if your doesn't quite help the whole balance I got two cases in my fridge I can't eat...well not daily at least..
thanks for the advice coz i was just about to go try it
I have been having them for the last few weeks and im very impressed with them.. i still have my soya yoghurts which i also like..
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Had my first Activia today (I'm already taking Bifantis with good results). Actually tastes pretty goo--mixed berry.
I looked up the ingredients on their website. ALL the flavors (even plain) have 2 kinds of sugar! The small containers (113g) have at least 16 grams, depending on the flavor and the larger size (175g) have at least 25 grams. That's a lot! They are also a lot higher in fat than regular fruit-on-the-bottom dannon yogurt. See links! this stuff is LOADED with good bugs, I doubt it is worth the extra cost or the extra sugar or extra fat.I make my own yogurt and eat it plain. I'm not sure how much it helps my IBS, since I'm trying lots of things at the moment, but it's pure and healthy and does not line the pockets of huge corporations that are trying to rip us off, imho_OK, I'm done soapboxing now.Marty
I would rather be fishing than make my own yogurt. Tried the Activia yesterday and found it OK, I like the sweet taste.Char (ex Wisconsinite)
in Canada they have it in PRUNE flavor!!!! YYUCK!!! I like the strawberry and vanilla tho.
Is this a special kind of Dannon yoghurt? I have only seen the 'regular' kind in the local grocery store.
Yep, it is a new version.I'm not sure how the roll-out of the product is going. Sometimes some parts of the country will get something new before it shows up in other areas.Here in NC I found it last week, and they had prune here as well.K.
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