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I looked up the ingredients on their website. ALL the flavors (even plain) have 2 kinds of sugar! The small containers (113g) have at least 16 grams, depending on the flavor and the larger size (175g) have at least 25 grams. That's a lot! They are also a lot higher in fat than regular fruit-on-the-bottom dannon yogurt. See links! this stuff is LOADED with good bugs, I doubt it is worth the extra cost or the extra sugar or extra fat.I make my own yogurt and eat it plain. I'm not sure how much it helps my IBS, since I'm trying lots of things at the moment, but it's pure and healthy and does not line the pockets of huge corporations that are trying to rip us off, imho_OK, I'm done soapboxing now.Marty
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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