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I've had experience with both massage therapy and biofeedback as it relates to most of my health issues.First of all, for clarification, I have both C and D.Massage literally makes me ill.... especially vigorous deep tissue massage... so I have to tell them to lighten up about 50% on me. I have seen no correlation between massage and relief of any IBS symptoms, either D or C.... but that's just my experience with this critter.Biofeedback, while helpful in many ways, has helped somewhat with IBS symptoms... but not nearly as significantly as what the self-hypno does. The best remedies for C for me have been the following:-Hormonal control-Exercises that involves stretching & flexing-Eating fruits like peaches, pears, cherries and stewed prunes (all peeled fresh and no raw prunes....PAIN)-red licorice (contains glycerine)-glycerine suppositories (I have to use these at times because of parasympathetic malfunction)-Now don't take this the wrong way... but if I think sexual thoughts, it gets my juices flowing... and often my G.I. tract as well.-changing positions often when in the bathroom. I find that if I stand up for a while, squat for a while.... focus on my G.I. tract (using biofeedback and self hypno techniques)..... I can often create a movement.-And sorry if this sounds disgusting, but "lifting" myself from the stool with my palm on the seat of the toilet to alleviate the stress on my legs from squatting.... also helps to create a movement when C prevails.-This may also sound weird, but I often stand up and gently massage my colon through the external skin....while I breathe slowly and deeply and somehow that helps.-And lastly... the fact that I have a rectocele that protrudes into the posterior wall of my vagina means that if I press on the vaginal area I might also be able to go... that won't help you, but it might help any ladies who are reading this....
Are you doing OK, Tom? I miss it when I don't hear from you... and hope all is well?Love, Evie

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this is a situation where I have contact with a licensed massage therapist who is willing research this for ibs-c but there is no biofeedback person in driving and insurance coerage range.tom
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