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Hello everyone,

I am Steve from Adelaide and I have been diagnosed with Blastocystis Hominis back in February 2015.

For last many months, I was on probiotics however it didn't help.

I have been reading much about Triple drug therapy from CDD and it seems like it can eradicate this parasite but leaves with with lot many years to even recover and sometimes may give you ongoing health issues.

I have read many people who have taken CDD drugs are still sick with other infections as the drugs are too strong.

I am 34 years guy who used to be very healthy but it has gone worse after this parasite came into my body.

I really like to know people's experiences with CDD and their health afterwards.

Alternatively, I was also told that Nitazoxanide for 30 days may cure these bugs completely without much side effects/long term gut system issues.

Comments are welcome.

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