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bleeding gums the cause??

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about 4 years ago i broke my tooth in half and had to have a root canal and a fake tooth, well about a year and half ago it started to bleed frequently like everytime i brush my teeth, and then it progressed and it bleeds now when i drink something really cold or just for no reason, and while im sleeping, so im sure i swallow a good bit of it, i've been back to my dentist and told him about it and it looked at it and said they i just need to brush harder, floss, and gargle like 3 times a day because it was gingivitis, well anyways about the time i started noticing it bleeding all the time shortly after that is when these stomach problems came. is there ANYWAY at all that the swallowing of the blood from it could be causing these stomach problems???? every morning when i wake up my stomach hurts me severely bad and i have to eat pretty soon or it just gets worse without food, i just feel like i'm starving and my stomach hurts so bad, and after i eat it feels ALOT better but not 100%. any input would be greatly appreciated. thanks and God Bless.
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As a dental hygienist, I haven't heard that swallowing blood would cause that, but I suppose anything is possible. I would tell you though, to have a thorough teeth cleaning to be sure there is no cement from the crown (or any tartar)under the gum -if they didn't do that for you. Also, when you floss (which you should do DAILY because what you brush off the outside of your teeth with your toothbrush is also between the teeth and under the gums where the toothbrush can't reach, so you are actually "brushing" between your teeth when you floss), be sure you are getting the floss under the edge of the crown (fake tooth). Many people don't do that because they are afraid they will pull it off, and if you don't get under there, all the bacteria from things you eat, etc, will build up and cause your gum to bleed. We have to drill crowns off, so if you pull one out with dental floss, there is a reason and you need to see your dentist about it (decay under the crown, etc), so don't be afraid to get under it! DON'T brush hard! Brush gently, but spend some time in that area (not 3 seconds like most people do!). You can also dip your toothbrush into Listerine that has been diluted with water, and massage the Listerine into the gums around the crown to help with the gingivitis. Vitamin C can help, also you might have a Vitamin K deficiency... Have you ruled out ulcers as the cause of the stomach pain in the morning? Excess acid production overnight could make your stomach hurt... You aren't on any bloodthinners (Warfarin, Coumadin, Vitamin E, or aspirin...), right? Smoking can irritate the gums and can also contribute to periodontal disease (bone loss, bleeding gums)... Sorry so long, just tossing out thoughts - I hope this helps!
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I don't think the bleeding is causing the stomach issues which sound like gastritis or an ulcer.You need to talk to the doctor about this, but in the mean time you could try prilosec OTC to see if that eases the empty stomach hurts feel starving gets better after I eat thing.If the pain is really bad or you start having black tarry stools you may need to be checked for an ulcer ASAP as those have similar symptoms to gastritis but is more severe.
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