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Bloating in the morning

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Hi,Does anyone wake up in the morning feeling bloated and nauseous? I'm just curious why bloating would occur in the morning. Is it because some of the food I ate the night before is making its way through the digestive system? Also, I'm trying to figure out why I have nausa. My doctor said she thinks its from my acid reflux and she doubled my dossage of Prilosec from 20mg to 40mg. I'm still not sure why I'm waking up this way.Thanks.
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I don't really know but I do know ginger capsules help me with nausea. (Ginger tea works too but I notice I am getting a bit of heartburn sometimes with the tea.. so the tea may not be a good choice for you either... capsules would be better I think)
I have bloating in the mornings too. I don't know if it's related to acid reflux or not, I haven't talked to my doctor about this particular problem. For me I find that it generally goes away within the first 30 or 60 minutes after waking up via farting/burping. Sometimes I find that eating breakfast helps me pass the gas.
Sometimes distension is to take pressure off of the intestines. The abdominal wall relaxes more than usual so to not push on the colon.The colon is always in all people more active around the time you get up, and those times sometimes mean the colon is a bit more tender/reactive than when it is less active which could prompt the relaxation of the abdominal wall.If you fart out gas and it goes away it can be from the gas volume. Most of the gas is formed several hours after meals (when the left overs get to the colon) so you could be making a fair amount of gas during the night and may not be releasing it in your sleep.
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