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Have had a slight change in symptoms lately, and tend to get a lot more bloating than I used to, which isn't very nice. Anyone know any good remedies (herbal, perhaps) or how to prevent it?
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2 digestive enzymes before each meal, alsoacidophilus once a day, not within 30 minutes ofeating - before or after.Also, an elimination diet, and not eating certain foods which may not agree with you. We are all different and what may be ok for me may not be for you, but there are some trigger foods bad for all of us.I find also too much of anything is no good.Not too much sugar, too much fiber, too manyveggies, too much fruit, too big a portion ofprotein or whatever.Good start.There's more, but am not sure what you are doing now.I have Crohn's, mild, not typical but I used tohave bloating, gas, heartburn and, worst, d - thewhole shebang.O
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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