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Hi everyone. I'm really anxious about this, which isn't helping my IBS but I was wondering if any of you have dealt with this?A few days ago when I pooped, there was a tiny bit of blood afterwards. The amount was so little that I even wondered if I had seen right. But a few days later, there was blood again, this time obviously so. Today it was even worse. This is really frightening me! I want to get to the doctor as soon as I can, but classes just started and I can't afford to be absent my first week! Also, should I see a regular doctor or find a gastroenterologist?I'm scared about what this might mean. Anyone have any similar problems? Thanks!
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Usually small amounts of bright blood is that the stool issues are irritating a hemaroid and it is bleeding. They can be internal so not as obvious.The regular doctor might be able to do a quick check and see if you need to see the specialist.K.
I have had that quite a few times. The doctor said it's just from IBS and possible hemeroids inside that you can't see or feel. But I would still call them.
I have also had blood (bright red), both on the toilet paper and in the toilet bowl (not in the stool itself). I was told it was from an anal fissure.
Thanks for the quick responses! I managed to arrange for a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning, although it means missing a class. I want to be sure it's nothing serious, though I don't think it will be. I read a bit about hemorrhoids and anal fissures, and my symptoms sound like something along those lines. I'll find out for sure though, hopefully tomorrow.Thanks, guys! I hate that we all have to deal with these kinds of things, but it's reassuring to know there are others out there dealing with the same health issues!
Hi- I experienced this same type of thing about a year ago. Bright red blood both on the paper and in the toilet. I freaked out and started an IBS episode that I'm still fighting. Oddly enough the red blood came from the fact that I had started running and doing lunges during my workout. Apparently I "lunged" something loose and it caused some bleeding. It's always wise to check these things out with a doctor but don't freak out!! Good luck.
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