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I have had IBS for over 10 years. I have frequently seen a whitish colored mucous on and off, which i was told was normal for IBS. Just over the past month I started passing this reddish colored mucous, which looks like blood to me. I had an occult stool test done to check for blood, it was negative. Today, i felt like I had to have a bowel movement and all that came out was a big chunk of bloody mucous and about 15 minutes later a regular bowel movement. I don't have any abdominal pain or diarrhea. My doctor is doing a full stool culture and if that is negative wants to do a colonoscopy. What i want to ask is what in your stomach or colon would produce so much mucous? Is it possible to have an intestinal infection causing this? I had 4 bowel movements today. I don't see the bloody mucous everytime. I'm kind of scared of what it might be and even more scared of the colonoscopy. Please offer any help or anyone who may have had this experience and found out what was causing it. Thank you.
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