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today has been a complete pain in the a** i thought the tabs my doc gave me for this damned heartburn was working fine,how wrong was i? Since 1pm i have had this heartburn on and off, its very uncomfortable and the pain is going all the way through to my back
ill be sooooooo glad to go and have my endoscopy to see why this is an ongoing problem.

Hope you are feeling better Jools - its hideous and something I don't suffer with too much thank gawd. I had galloping cystitis so spent most of the weekend fleeing back and forth to the loo and whingeing in pain - most embarrassing with a houseful of my son's 14 year old mates - better today thank gawd. I was a naughty girl on Friday - one of those rush, rush days and hadn't drunk ANYTHING and boy did I pay the price for the next 2 days. I'm still peeing alot (due to the copious amounts of water I've drunk since!!) but not in any more pain.Good luck with the endoscopy - when is that then?Sue
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