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I just saw on my gas producing food list to evoid the day before the B.test:Soft drink,onion,etc...
I have drink Gatorade!
I also call Iowa U.,look like even my food list is inaccurate in Quebec.
I will order their home kit test i'm so pissed off.
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I don't follow. They gave you a food list which differs from the Iowa list? And your test is tomorrow and you have had Gatorade? What is your food list like?
My local list:The day before the test:cabbage,onions,beans,celery,bran,brocoli,garlic,cauliflower,spices,ALSO NO FRUITS OR FRUIT PRODUCTS OR SOFT DRINK(WHICH THE iOWA NURSE TOLD ME THAT INCLUDE gATORADE
last meal today "suggestion":meal,rice,carrots(which was also banned in Iowa)Fast 10pm
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Yes Gatorade is not allowed as half of their products have HFCS. Yes just chicken and rice is allowed as far as I remember. I think IOwa also allows white bread. Do you have the test tomorrow and will you cancel?. Just call them and reschedule it. Otherwise the kit for each breath test costs $350 as I recall from what you said. It will be more expensive if you order 4-5 kits from Iowa.
Well:100$ of hotel +50 of fuel+one day of work lost on the road,it's close to 300$(canadian money).Also,if their diet is not accurate,why their test would be?
What a bunch of looser!
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Yes the diet is the most important part of the test. You can't smoke either on the day of the test until the test is done. Well anyway good luck with whatever you decide to do.
Thanks.Well i guess it depend on which test is available in home kit.I know they can sell fructose kit but for the other,i don't know.I think i will call the leader at Cedars.
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If they can do one at home, they can do all at home.
Geez,i wish they were less expensive.
for the home kit.
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Apparently,the Pimentel office didn't carry home kit.I just called them.I'm speechless.
The girl mentions about a possible gas leak during the delivery of the home kit.She is involved in a c. trial so i don't know of what she was refering to_Oh the hell,maybe the home kit is not so accurate.
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Actually I am surprised that Iowa carries the home kit. Didn't expect a big hospital to let you do the test at home. I guess it makes money for them so they do it. Be sure to close the bag properly ater you are done blowing into it. Actually with a home kit I wonder how tight the seal on the bags are,i.e how accurate it is. I would be afraid of the air blown into it to leak out by the time it reaches them. I would feel more comfortable in the office.
Hah! we posted the same thing at the same time 6:54 pm.
I will ask about the accuracy of the home kit.I love Dr.Rao!
Since i'm in the east time,i posted one hour before you.
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No that's not true. The BB shows the same time zone of posting for everyone.
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If I may join in this private gathering, I have a brochure in front of me entitled Patient Instructions for Hydrogen Breath Tests. "Avoid eating slowly digestible vegetables (ie beans), bran or high-fibre cereals the day before the test is performed.Fast for 10 hours prior to the test (only water to drink).The test should not be performed within 2 weeks of antibiotic therapy."When I do it, I think I'll stick to chicken and rice, as bonniei said. If that much money is going to be spent, you don't want to take any chances.
Yes I would certainly recommend plain broiled or baked chicken. Salt is ok! That is amazing that they are giving such bad instructions. Let me see if I can find a web source for this. I bet that there is a U of I site for this.
Preparation is vital to the success of the tests. Indiscretions can result in either a false positive or false negative test.� Do not smoke or perform physical exercise two hours before testing to avoid hyperventilation.� Rinse mouth with antibacterial mouthwash before testing to prevent premature hydrogen or carbon dioxide production.� Eat/drink only the following foods 24 hours before testing:eek: White bread (limit to 6)o White potatoo White riceo Chicken breasto Turkey breasto Teao Water
That's what's the Iowa U. nurse was refering me on the phone.
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Hey I want to join this neat conversation as well. Why do you have to go to the States to do this test Spas? I'm curious because I would like to take this test also.
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