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"I am a 64 year-old woman with bowel function issues.
In May/2015 I had perianal rectal prolapse surgery. The prolapse recurred. I had been advised by my surgeon to do a 1.5 litre water enema daily since June/2015 because of associated bowel function issues. There was a long wait for surgery. As a result, the prolapse had become quite large and extremely painful. On Sept 13/2016 I had abdominal laparoscopic rectal prolapse surgery without resection. Post-op instructions were minimal.
I suspect that long term use of water enemas, a hysterectomy in 2013, a hemorrhoidectomy in 2003, years of severe diarrhea due to poorly managed collagenous colitis, 2015 perianal rectal surgery, and finally Sept.13/2016 laparoscopic rectal prolapse surgery may have been triggers in alteration of normal normal bowel motility. I have been suffering with severe constipation since the 2015 surgery. It is worse now.
I was advised to:
1) avoid all H2O enemas until post op appointment Nov1. They strain stitches in abdomen.
2) do liquid/soft diet for 2-3 days until bowels more normal
3) I said that I was going to drink lactase milk to trigger bm. She said it was a good idea.
4) Experiment with diet, fibre, stool softeners, Milk of Magnesia, etc.

My current status:
I have been experimenting endlessly. Even low doses of MOM, PEG, and stool softeners give me severe diarrhea. Small amounts of foods higher in FODMAP, high fibre cereals, and even 1 tsp of Metamucil give me many hours of diarrhea, which is difficult to control. If I decrease fibre, evacuation is tedious or impossible, frequently even for soft stool. If the stool is more solid, I cannot evacuate it normally. I cannot sense that stool is present in the rectum. When I walk around the house, small pieces of stool are evacuated accidentally.
The question is: will I ever regain normal bowel function? How long does it take to normalize? I have not been able to leave my house since the surgery due to these bowel function problems.
However, I feel that you could offer me some advice regarding these bowel function issues. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions. This situation is quite upsetting.
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