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Hi Doctor. I am 13 and I am progressively getting better from IBS, in my opinion but on Saturday I only went a little than on Sunday I didn't go and Monbday I went a little, Tuesday didn't go and yesterday went a little now I still didn't go. I used to go like everyday for about a month and I was getting better. I used to squat on the computer cause it was the only way for me to go so I was wondering is squatting there and waiting something weird or do bowel movements have to come naturally because my parents said its unnatural to be in a "position" and WAIT for yourself to go. I don't know and I am really scared because at least than i knew that would help me go but now I am not going anymore...and i cant relate any bloating or gas, food problems with it. the really bad thing that worries me is that I feel that i dont have to go at all i mean i feel really good, even better than when i did when i DID go... :S please help doctor
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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