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I'm male, 47 Y.O., and since one year or so, I've had erratic bowel movements.I've betwheen 1 and 3 BM daily (every day, without exceptions) and sometimes 4.Stools sometimes are soft, sometimes loose, and sometimes hard. When they are hard, usually they are composed by little pieces/pellets joined togheter forming a bigger piece.Sometimes, in the same day, I've 1st BM hard, and 2nd one soft or loose.Stool size is about 1-1/4 inches, but sometimes (specially with hard stools) they are a bit "flattened" in shape (1-1/4" x 3/4" aprox).There are no mucus and no blood in the stools, but sometimes I've a mild pain in lower left side of my abdomen, mainly when stools are hard.As I said, I've had that for about 15 months, and apparently nothing is going better or worse. It simply stays.My family doc say it's IBS, but he has only done a rectal exam and a blood test (all normal).May any other disease cause that symptoms?Greetings.
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