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Boys can be jerks sometimes. My bf and I had a big row this week but it worked its self out and we're better than ever, but the stress of it all stayed w/ me for a couple days after the fight. For me I just try to do some controlled breathing. I just lie on my bed and concentrate on breathing 'cause I find when I'm stressed that I tend to hyperventilate...I don't usually realize this until my hands go all cold and tingly but I'm getting better at it. I also try and do stuff that I like. Basically watch my favorite TV shows (CSI BABY!) and read some of my favourite books. I try not to do stuff that would make it worse like shopping at the mall or going places that involve long drives. I also take lots of immodium. I hate to use drugs as a crutch but sometimes for us IBS people its necessary. My doctor says that IBS people taking Immodium daily isn't a bad thing. It doesn't develop a tolerance like Tylenol and its not like we're trying to get something out of our system like people w/ the flu. He actually recommended that along w/ my dicetel I take one immodium a day as preventative measures. I don't know if any of this stuff will help you but I really hope so!
Just remember that you're the most important person and seriously that boys can be pains in the butt. We just have to be patient w/ them!
(sorry guys!)Hope you're feeling better!Hugz,KestrelPs. Hope that bathroom construction is done soon!
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