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I have IBS-c and have been 'managing' this to various degrees by following a (mostly) low FODMAP diet and with laxatives (senna - the stimulant type). My Dr prescribed senna to me and told me it was 'safe' as long as I keep the dose low and try and take them sparingly.

Over the past couple of months, however, I have been noticing that the usual dose I take has not been working *as well* as it usually does, and that I need to take more and more laxatives in order to be able to 'clear' the backlog that builds up (sorry if this is TMI!). Anyway I've done a bit of internet research and I am worried that my body is starting to get used to these (stimulant) laxatives, and I really want to come off them if I can. Not only are they not working as effectively anymore, but I am finding that when after I take them I get quite dehydrated, I retain water and I'm starting to bloat a lot. I really want to stop using these altogether.

I've tried using both osmotic laxative and stool softeners in the past and neither are effective at all. The only 'safe' alternative that I have not tried is the bulk forming laxative (psyllium husk, I think?). That is primarily because my Dr said they're not very effective and often leave people feeling more bloated and gassy.

I was wondering if anyone has had any success or otherwise with these bulk forming laxatives? Would you recommend them for someone who is trying to withdraw from stimulant laxatives? Or for someone with IBS-c?

Your advice and/or experiences are much appreciated!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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