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Burning sensation

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Someone else mentioned this in another posting, but no one really responded to it. Does anyone get a nasty burning sensation in their anal area either when you need to pass gas or go to the bathroom? I get this frequently and I always wonder what the heck it is.Could it be acid? It's really disgusting.
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If I've had a rally bad day I will get burning on the skin. I think between the acid and wipeing it just gets raw. When it gets real bad vaseline can help soothe it. Kinda gross undies stick but feels better.
I get this alot especially when the D flares up or I am C.When someone figures this one out let us all know!
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I get it to, but usually only when I have diary products, especially milk. Ohhh, how I miss milk.
It sure feels like acid. I'm not sure what it is, but at least I have found what triggers it. I use baby wipes when I am like that. It cools and soothes. It must be something in the poo that hurts because as soon as I wipe it's okay. Unless I use normal T.P. Then it takes longer to stop burning.Make sure you get the kind that are flushable!
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