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Hey guys! I have been told i have IBS but I'm not entirely sure i do but I have dealing with this problem for YEARS and it has only gotten worse ;(

Basically I can HEAR and FEEL growls/vibrations coming from my bloody butt! It's like stomach growls/rumbles but in my backside :( They happen everyday on a basis and get worse after I have meals

i have been taking probiotics for a few weeks now and charcoal tablets for 2 weeks (So far no improvements)

i have been tested negative to celiac desease, I've had a lower abdomen x-ray and nothing was unusual with my gas pattern, I had an ultra sound today (results come tomorrow)

I'm pretty sure I'm lactose intolerant (obviously the growls are louder when i eat drink lactose)

I would REALLY APPRECIATE any sort of help or advice from anyone on hear, this problem is ruining my LIFE.

thank you x

ps. sometimes the vibrations spread to my thighs, arms and feet
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