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Karrietex, I know what you mean and I have the exact same problem with the eating. The problem is that when I am in pain and so constipated it is literally impossible to eat, then when I get some relief I go crazy.Gailsusan is right though, eating more protein and some fat can help sustain you longer, however that can be a problem when the pain, gas, bloating and C is very severe.What can one eat for breakfast though? I find that the biggest challenge. Fiber and starch can be a problem (for me ... more constipation!!??) and the only protein I can think of are eggs. I have egg whites and fruit, however it does cause lots of pain, gas and bloating. Any suggestions, or feedback???
By the way, I've just started Zelnorm but so far no changes but its only been 2 days. I'm wondering what foods will help kind of "kick-start the meds ... apart from having tons of patience!Anyway, as far as the eating and overeating is concerned, I too know how difficult that can be, but try and hang in there and if you enjoy and can tolerate chicken then go for it ... it will probably help keep you satisfied for longer.Another suggestion is to eat several small meals per day to keep your blood sugar level, however that's a pretty tall order when in pain. Wish I could be more helpful ... when I find the solution, you'll be the first to know - promise!
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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